Open Smart Grid Platform Documentation

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The Foundation will be an independent organisation to support and promote the open smart grid platform development (the foundation is not started yet). The foundation will be similar to the Linux foundation or Apache foundation. The Foundation will start once we have multiple founding members. If you like to support the Foundation, contact us: This foundation will promote and facilitate the use of and future development of the Open Smart Grid Platform. In addition, the Foundation will support the community of developers and users of the Open Smart Grid Platform to accelerate future development and to develop a larger user base of the platform. This foundation will encourage the development of the ecosystem.

The foundation will be non-profit. Our aim is that companies / organizations can make a sponsorship contribution to the foundation, in order to support the use and development of the open source platform.

Planned key activities of the foundation are:

  • Maintaining and developing the Open Smart Grid Platform via a publicly accessible source with an open source initiative recognized license (Apache 2.0).
  • Providing information (manuals, publications, release notes, white papers, etc.)
  • Taking care of legal conditions
  • Community management, events for users and developers
  • Marketing and promotion of the software