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SmartMetering Documentation (Beta version)

This chapter describes the SmartMetering domain including the web services. Currently the web services of the beta version are described, since the web services have not yet officially been released. Information on the DLMS device simulator can be found in the DLMS protocol section


The goal of this domain is to read and manage millions of smart meters. This includes smart meter installation, firmware updates, smart meter removal, read smart meter values, time synchronisation, etc. Everything that is needed to professionally manage millions of smart meters is or can be included in this domain.


Currently, the following Smart Metering features are available within the open smart grid platform:

  • Add smart meter to the platform, so the device is known and additional actions can be performed for the device
  • Process shipment file, which adds several smart meters to the platform along with all needed information
  • Synchronize time between smart meters and head-end system, in case the smart meter adjusts its time, some events will be logged
  • Retrieve events from the smart meter, several event logs are available
  • Retrieve periodic meter reads from the smart meter

Generic functionality

  • bypass retry requests can be given the flag 'bypass retry'. Which means that a request will not be retried in case of an error.
  • priority requests can be given a priority from 0 to 9, default is 4. Higher values causes messages to be processed faster.
  • scheduling requests can be scheduled for a certain time.
  • bundling requests can be combined in a Bundle.








  • SendNotification is a request to let Webapps know there is a result ready to retrieve from the platform.


  • Bundle is a special request in which one or more single request(s) to a specific device can be bundled.
  • GetBundleResponse is a request which gets the response from the Bundle request.

All request sent to this device make use of one communication channel, which may improve performance considerably.